Meet Our Executives

Eric Neumann

Eric Neumann

I truly enjoy working with people.  I truly enjoy working for people.  And I truly enjoy the relationships that can be built along the way.  Working within the service industry is not a new thing for me.  At age 6, with a backyard as my office, I would sell golf balls to the neighboring golf course behind my house.  I loved meeting and interacting with the golfers, while providing them with a service that they loved.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to work and travel on an international level through a variety of industries and experiences, gaining valuable knowledge and understanding along the way.  From building houses with habitat for humanity in Guatemala, to working in sales and marketing for Winnipeg’s Ignite 107 Radio Station, one of the things that has remained constant in my life, is the passion I have to meet new people, to working hard, and to help them start to finish, whatever the task may have been.

Now that task is the process of buying and selling homes inWinnipeg.

In the years leading up to my decision to pursue a career in Real Estate while I was finishing myBachelor’s Degree in Business, I had the privilege of working alongside the late Cliff Palmer, whose illustrious virtuous character, and many contributions to the Winnipeg Real Estate community will not be forgotten.  Cliff instilled in me the importance of not just working to get a job done, but working well, with excellence, honesty, trust, knowledge, and experience.  It is with this experience that my team and I will meet and succeed in helping you buy or sell your home.

I realize that process of buying or selling a home can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be.  Simply put, I want to help, start to finish, and whether you are experienced in the process of buying and selling homes, or engaging this process for the first time, I am here to help, and I enjoy helping, every step of the way.